Different types of law


In general, a law is a set of principles that are established in a community with some authority over it, which is applicable to everyone. A law can be in the form of a legislature or of customs enforced by the judicial system. If you have just started and trying to get hold of a career in law, you need to look at different types of laws and where your abilities will fit in. Also, knowing if you prefer private or a government sector, taking up law as a career option can be beneficial and can take you good places. Some of the major categories of law are

Corporate Law

A lawyer involved with corporate law needs to take care of business and making it abide by the law. Corporate Lawyers can help their clients run the business while staying within the boundaries of the law. They need to take care of products that they manufacture and their transactions and all the practices they follow.

Corporate table

Energy Law

Energy Law involves the taxation of energy and approving licenses to industries; these taxes are known as extraction charges. They provide information about the rights of the company on rich energy lands and licenses. These lawyers work with industries who use energy resources, municipal and public utilities.

Criminal Law

One of the most opted law is the criminal law where the lawyers are involved in keeping a check if the individuals are abiding by the rules set by the criminal statute of law. If there is a crime that is a criminal offence, a criminal lawyer takes the suitable measure and know about the deed and then convict the criminal as per the body of criminal law.

International Law

International law is the rules made by the customs recognised by nations for trading and building a strong relationship with each other. An international lawyer takes care of any legal practices and disputes that happen on an international level. These disputes are mainly related to international trade and international business.


Civil Right Law

Civil right law balances the governmental power and individual liberties. A civil right law attorney can see the benefit in the field of Non-profit Organisations, Public Interest law forms, a large law firm with diverse practices. Civil right law is generally the lawyers who work without a charge or a fee.

Employment and labour law

Employment and labour law mainly focuses on the legal rights of workers and their employees. A Labour law attorney can represent an individual employee, a group of employees, government workers, an agency. Employment and labour law practitioners come to play when there is an issue regarding wage dispute, unlawful termination, child labour, workplace safety, sexual harassment or any kind of discrimination.