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Practice Areas

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is one of the most common cases that we are dealing with. Our experience in this area is something that cannot be matched by anyone.

General Counsel

Our firm is really proud that some of our lawyers have served and some are serving as the general counsel for many reputed companies.

Property Offences

Are your victim of any kind of property offence? Do not worry, leave the legal; battle to us, and we will win it for you.

Bicycle Accidents

For us dealing with bicycle accidents is not a huge deal. We will make things happen without any kind of issues.

Drug Offences

In most of the countries, drug offences are one of the biggest offences. We can get you out of drug offence cases with fewer penalties.

Asset Recovery

Lost your assets because of frauds? Well, it is time to recover them with the services of our experts.

About the Firm

Finstere Lawyers on Duty is one of the most famous and reliable law firms in the country.  We have been here for more than a decade and have won thousands of cases. We have one of the best track records. Our experience in the field is very evident, and we are sure that it is something that cannot be matched.

Finistere Lawyers

Megan Naomi

A Law Graduate from Hayward and is one of the biggest assets for the firm. She is an expert in corporate law who is handling some big corporate giants.

Kelley Raven

She is a Princeton University graduate and is known for her expertise in the field. She is serving as the chief advisor for our criminal law team.

Kendra Evaline

Another Hayward product who is an expert in property law, She has solved, and some of the biggest property dispute cases and have emerged victorious.


Different types of law


In general, a law is a set of principles that are established in a community with some authority over it, which is applicable to everyone. A law can be in the form of a legislature or of customs enforced by the judicial system. If you have just started and trying to get hold of a career in law, you need to look at different types of laws and where your abilities will fit in. Also, knowing if you prefer private or a government sector, taking up law as a career option can be beneficial and can take you good places. Some of the major categories of law are

Corporate Law

A lawyer involved with corporate law needs to take care of business and making it abide by the law. Corporate Lawyers can help their clients run the business while staying within the boundaries of the law. They need to take care of products that they manufacture and their transactions and all the practices they follow.

Corporate table

Energy Law

Energy Law involves the taxation of energy and approving licenses to industries; these taxes are known as extraction charges. They provide information about the rights of the company on rich energy lands and licenses. These lawyers work with industries who use energy resources, municipal and public utilities.

Criminal Law

One of the most opted law is the criminal law where the lawyers are involved in keeping a check if the individuals are abiding by the rules set by the criminal statute of law. If there is a crime that is a criminal offence, a criminal lawyer takes the suitable measure and know about the deed and then convict the criminal as per the body of criminal law.

International Law

International law is the rules made by the customs recognised by nations for trading and building a strong relationship with each other. An international lawyer takes care of any legal practices and disputes that happen on an international level. These disputes are mainly related to international trade and international business.


Civil Right Law

Civil right law balances the governmental power and individual liberties. A civil right law attorney can see the benefit in the field of Non-profit Organisations, Public Interest law forms, a large law firm with diverse practices. Civil right law is generally the lawyers who work without a charge or a fee.

Employment and labour law

Employment and labour law mainly focuses on the legal rights of workers and their employees. A Labour law attorney can represent an individual employee, a group of employees, government workers, an agency. Employment and labour law practitioners come to play when there is an issue regarding wage dispute, unlawful termination, child labour, workplace safety, sexual harassment or any kind of discrimination.

Services provided by Lawyers for the benefit of your business


A successful businessman has his lawyer to thank most of the tiny little details matter in business and some are more important than others. A lawyer provides the security and growth of business in a legal manner. Also, ensuring that the business is running accordingly to the governments business rules. One of the vital part of the business that ensures the success of the business includes effective advertising, marketing, great service to a consumer are some of the reasons for the success of a business, and a lawyer at some point has dealt with all of these aspects to help any business grow.

Law book

Attorneys provide different functions but are very expensive, but the service they provide will help in the growth of any business and actually help you gain profits in the long run. Some places where the lawyers have deemed to be very effective include

  • Consultation for any legal issues
  • Review of documents for business
  • Mediation and third-party services
  • Preparation of documents
  • Representing and negotiation for a client
  • Representing a client in court

Some other advice a lawyer can provide in a business includes

A lawyer can provide advice regarding contract law

This is a major part of any lawyers career as a contract is the basic part of any business. A strong business contract indicates a strong business deal and more profits for your business. Lawyers can provide you with all the necessary steps you need to take and help guide you through the contract while keeping your business’s profits in mind.

A lawyer can provide advice about any real estate issues

Any business, in general, has to deal with many different types of issues, and a lot of them have to deal with real estates such as handling retail shop, leasing office space or warehousing facilities. All these issues at some point or the other require legal advice from a lawyer to have an efficient compliance.

Law library

A lawyer will benefit you in case of any Licensing or taxation requirements

No matter what type of business you run, you need to get a lot of approvals and from the authority to even run the business. Also, one has to deal with a lot of licensing issues from the municipality and also from the state and the national government authorities. A business lawyer can help you in such a condition. Paying the tax on time is also something a business has to do on a regular basis to keep everything running, a business lawyer can help you pay the taxes on time and sometimes can also save you some by mention any extra expense that might have occurred.

Advantages of hiring a lawyer

Lawyers are trained extensively to tackle issues arising from various areas, and many lawyers focus on a specific category of law. So, you will want to hire a lawyer that represents your interests, for example, a personal injury lawyer, divorce lawyer, or a criminal attorney. There are certain benefits that come when you hire a lawyer that is common to any lawyer with specialisation in any field that is most commonly seen some of them are mentioned below

Hiring a lawyer can save you a lot of money

We are not telling that lawyers are cheap, but it has been seen in many situations that having a legal counsel at your side will save you money in the long run. First, find a lawyer who will review contracts for your business. In a civil case, lawyers generally do not accept fees until the end, if he wins. With the right legal advisor, you will have a better chance of winning your case. So, you will be able to keep all of the money and also if you are the plaintiff, a legal advisor can help you get a price from the defendant, and you can win a profit



It is good for your business

Now that you now that lawyers can save you money, but there is another added benefit of having a good lawyer by your side. A good lawyer helps you in dealing with legal pitfalls from unforeseen issues with your clients or other business relations. We know the day to day laws that we need to follow and possible can come under the legal eye for not following them. Only a lawyer can tell you the complicated minutiae that are involved in various legal documents and a lawyer can review these business dealing with improving. Even for the most experience, the experienced lawyer finds it difficult to represent themselves when it comes to managing the legal aspects of any business. Do not try to rely on yourself solely; a lawyer by your side will ensure that you do not fall into hidden traps. Without a lawyer, you might be under a greater risk that you will miss something in the fine prints. So, take full advantage of the situation and make sure that you don’t land in court for various reasons which can add to your expenses.

Hiring a lawyer stops problems before they start

Prevention is better than cure; this proverb is true in case of hiring a competent legal representation as it makes sure that any issue that develops can be catered for before it becomes to damage your business. There are many specialised lawyers who have been trained in all manner of legal issues. If you are in any kind of trouble, these lawyers who are expertly trained to deal with the issue can easily suggest you ways to get you out with minimal damage.

Things to consider before hiring an attorney


Selecting a good attorney is crucial for any business. There are many factors that make an attorney exceptional at his job which includes his knowledge of the industry to his personality, these factors help you decide if the attorney is fit for both you and your business. Some things that you need to consider before hiring an attorney include.

A strong track record of integration

Identify the legal experts that have experience and knowledge in the field not only that but also have a long list of happy clients. The attorney you choose will represent you in a legal platform so make sure he has some kind of experience in your industry as it is not just about knowledge but also about integration that understands review procedure, products and also the people.


Someone who understands your business

An attorney you has experience in the industry you are working makes it easier for you and your firm to trust the attorney with his knowledge as he might have dealt with these issues, also gives him an opportunity to make sure that everything is done in the right manner. An experienced attorney understands the importance of communication, and also himself is a great communicator who advises about the issues at hand


A lawyers job is not only to protect you but also help you guide through all the transactions that are being undertaken without any issues. An attorney who is plain and simple can communicate it better and help calm the nerves that happen during a transaction. If the attorney matches the personality of your firm, there is a change that communication is effective, but if you have any issues with the attorney, both the parties will have difficulty working effectively.

Alternative Billing Structure

Some attorneys, most of the time are willing to offer alternative billing structure in the form of flat rates and also cap on the amount they charge for a project. If they take five hours to set up a corporation, they might cap for more than five times their hourly rate. Have a flat rate or a cost cap to avoid having to pay any unwanted surprise legal bills.

Someone who can talk business

An attorney is most often than not know about the law and try to hedge their advice towards minimising the risks but many times the cost to prevent these risks are far too high from a business point of view. Finding an attorney that can help you advise on both the sides from a legal perspective and business perspective. An attorney needs to understand and present both sides of the equation and lets you decide what is best for you and your company.

Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence?—Here’s What You Should Know

victim of physical abuse

Domestic violence is now considered a widespread issue in the USA, and a fast-growing problem in Australia. Statistics shows that 17 per cent of women and 6 per cent of men have experienced violence by a partner. There are existing laws that protect the rights of victims and enable them to receive justice. Here is some information that can help you take the right steps when you feel you’re a victim of domestic violence.

How do you know if you are a victim?

Domestic violence is the act of making a partner in a relationship feel powerless, scared and/or unsafe. This can be done through physical or psychological abuse and can happen to people of any age, culture, or gender. Domestic violence affects not just the victim but also the people around or close to them, particularly their children and immediate family members. Here are some of the actions that qualify as domestic violence.

  • Physical. When your partner threatens to hurt you, a loved one or your pets, and/or smashes objects around you in an attempt to scare you. When they assault you by hitting, kicking, biting, slapping, shaking and pushing. Interruption of sleep or meals is also considered a form of physical violence.
  • Emotional and Psychological. When your partner humiliates you in front of another person or blatantly blames you using uncivil words. When they sow seeds of doubt in you, which can also include detention without trial, false accusations, false convictions and extreme defamation, as they inflict emotional and psychological damage as well.
  • Financial. When your partner conceals critical financial information, limits your access to assets that you co-own, and/or reduces your accessibility to the family finances.
  • Verbal. When your partner forcefully criticises, insults, denounces, name calls, and yells at you both privately and in public. Even refusal to share information that are vital in a relationship, such as ideas, feelings, intimacy, thoughts and dreams are all considered a form of verbal abuse.
  • Social. When your partner monitors your phone calls and emails, decides which friends and family members you can talk to, criticises your friends and family, prevents you from meeting the neighbours, or moves you to a distant place so you cannot reach or contact your family or friends.
  • Sexual. When your partner rapes you or forces you to have sex without protection, withholds sex as a form of punishment, or even uses sex to force you to comply to a certain demand.
  • Stalking. When your partner follows you wherever you go, appears at your home or workplace for no apparent reason, sends pesky texts or emails, or make unnecessary phone calls to scare you. Vandalising your property to let you know you are being watched or followed also qualifies as a form of stalking.
  • Spiritual or Cultural. When your partner disparages and insults your spiritual or cultural worth, beliefs or practices, violates your practices, denies your access to your spiritual and cultural community, and forces their own spiritual and cultural beliefs and practices on you.

What to Do When You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence

Many continue to suffer domestic violence for three reasons—they don’t know they are a victim, they don’t know what to do, or they are scared to take action. If you are a victim of domestic violence, don’t think twice to seek protection and justice. The first thing you need to do is to find a way to seek help.

Legal assistance from a law firm that specialises in Family Law. Lapointe Family Law in Sydney is different from other law firms because apart from legal assistance, they have also partnered with specialists who help individuals with the pressure and stress of family disputes regain strength and stability.


I really doubt if there is a better law firm than this. They expertise in the field is very evident in their service and their work.
Alma R.
They are the reason for me getting my property back. They won the case easily and would recommend them to anyone.
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